Who we are, what we do

Your success health and well being is our passion

Hi, I am Marcin

I am your personal trainer and coach. I provide the knowledge and the tools you need to burn fat, build muscle, get stronger, healthier and become your best self. I have been working as a Personal Trainer and Coach since 2007 and during that time I helped hundreds of people on different levels, spent over 12000 hour of delivering 1-2-1 personal training session and coaching over 300 clients.
Everyone has got different goals in mind and that is why everyone needs different approach. It doesn’t matter what you want to achieve, but together we can safely meet your goals.

What do I offer

Check the Recipe books for more meals ideas

Personal Training

Face to face training give us a chance to work on Health and Fitness as a whole. Lifestyle / Habits / Mindset / Stress Management / Sleep and Recovery / Adherence / Training and Nutrition. Everything that help you to take control on your fitness journey by yourself in the future

Nutrition Support

Food and eating are very important part of our life. It doesn’t only play a huge role when aiming for a fitness goals but also it is very important when it comes to your health, digestive and immunity system. I will teach you how to get back and maintain your healthy relationship with food.


Education is a key. Without the knowledge the progress, success and ultimate goal is delayed. There are loads of guessing and trying. I share my knowledge with you and teach how to apply it now and in the future.


Supplementation as the name suggests is an addition to your diet and nutrition. It might be a protein shake to increase your daily protein intake or supplements supporting your stress management, recovery, sleep, digestive and immunity system. But first you need to look at your diet and lifestyle before adding any supplements.


Communication is very important. I communicate with my clients on daily and weekly basis. Whether it is at the gym or via phone, email, messenger and other social media platforms. Whatever suits my clients best. I am also using my MarcinFitness app where you get all your workouts, schedule, plans, diet, educational material, progress tracking, and also the inbuilt messenger. Join me, download it and enjoy your journey.

Training Program

Well structured training plan is a must if you want to get a great fitness and sport results. There is no doubt about that. Training plans that you do on your own are included when you work with me.