Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about your first visit

How old do I need to be to start training / Personal Training?

To be able to enter the gym you have to be 16 years old plus.

To do Personal Training you can do it at any age.

For the youngest there will be more like body weight and corrective exercises, circuit training. But the training can not take place in the gym. It has to be done outdoor, garden or at home

The closer to the age of 16 we introduce some resistance.

What level of fitness do I need to have to start Personal Training?

Any fitness levels are welcome.

That is why it is called Personal Training. I create bespoke program for every individual client.

The level and intensity is adjusted according to your current fitness level and ability.

During the first or first two sessions we go through the assessment. We do different exercises where I can assess the movement, ranges of motion, strengths, and weaknesses. By knowing all of it I will create bespoke plan where we can work around your weak points and over the time improve them and also use your strengths.

It is very important to have the right plan designed personally to you as it will take quicker to achieve your goals and move you to another level and see the progress right away.

What are the benefits of hiring you as a Personal Trainer/Coach?

First of all you don’t make the mistakes which slower down your progress. It means you save time and avoid injures. The progress is much faster.

You go through the coaching process. Rather than searching online, thinking what information are good and wrong you got the answers from your coach instantly. And most importantly you learn.

I coach you through the nutrition, exercises, stress management, sleep, and recovery. We go through the implementing new habits which will get you closer and faster to your goal. And very importantly they will change your lifestyle and maintaining the results will be much easier.

You get my full support throughout your journey.

Apart from all the benefits above, you will be accountable. We will go through the weekly and monthly check ins, regular measurements to make sure you stay on the right track.

What if the diet is too restrictive?

I am not a big fan of restrictive diets. In fact, I know from experience that they don’t work and can not be sustainable. Sooner or later, you will have enough and go back to your old habits.

That is why learning and getting more knowledge about nutrition and food is the way to go. Not only you will get to know what to eat, why and how much. Having this knowledge, you will be able to create your own meals and actually enjoy the diet. Once you can enjoy it, you can stick to this to the rest of your life.

How to make sure that I can stay on my diet for a long time?

First, you have to have a food and meals that you enjoy. Being flexible with food choices is a key.

To be able to control it, you need to learn about macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat and protein) and calories. If you stay within your caloric limits and have enough protein you can eat any food, you like and want. But don’t worry, if you don’t know that I will teach you, so you stay in control in the future.

I will also help you and teach how to calculate your calories, amount of protein, carbs and fat accordingly to the goal you want to achieve.

If I decide to go for personal training, what do I get?

It is a very good question. People very often think they pay just for 1 or 2 hours of training per week.

I sell packages and results.

Each package includes:

  • Initial assessment
  • Bespoke training plan
  • In person training 1-4 times per week. It depends on what you need and how often you decide to train with me
  • program that you will do on your own
  • Weekly schedule
  • Nutrition plan and recommendations
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Sleep and recovery coaching
  • Weekly and monthly check-ins
  • Recipe book for more cooking ideas

How long does it take me to get to my goal?

It is very hard to say. It all depends on your commitment, current fitness level, experience, stress level, sleep quality, injuries, lifestyle. Your diet will play a big role as well.

Also, you need to remember that everyone is different, and some people need more time than others.

You need to be patient and cannot expect quick fixes after being inactive and leading not necessarily healthy lifestyle over last few years.

The more knowledge you have, the faster you get your goal.

Can I burn the fat from my stomach first?

Unfortunately, it is not possible. You can not spot the fat reduction. It is genetically determined what places your lose your fat from first.

What is the cancelation policy?

The cancelation policy is 24 hours. If you cancel your session within less than 24 hours the session is counted towards completed sessions. It is because I need enough time to reschedule the sessions with my other clients.

How long for do I need to go for PT sessions?

It is totally up to you. But minimum recommended time is 3 months as that is enough time to create new habits, see changes, learn about nutrition and exercises.

How do I sign up for personal training?

You can fill in Contact Form on my website. Alternately email me directly on info@marcin.fitness or send me text / call on my phone 07912255823

What supplements do I need to take?

To be fair you don’t need any supplements if you can get all of the nutrients and vitamins from your diet and lifestyle.

Most of the time supplements are not working as they are advertised.

However, there are few I would recommend:

  1. Protein shakes

When you don’t have a time to eat or can not get enough protein from your food during the day, you can consider using protein shake. The most common Whey Protein will be just fine. You can also use it as a snack.

2. Creatine

It is proven to work. It helps you with strength and gives you better recovery between the sets and workouts.

3. Vitamin D3

Unless you live in country where you get the sun all the year round you don’t need it. Otherwise, especially during the winter times when there is not enough sun, taking the vitamin D3 is recommended. You can not get this vitamin from the food, that is why supplementation is a good idea. It is very important for your immune system.

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