Fit4Life Online Nutrition Coaching


About Fit4Life Online Nutrition Coaching

This is Group Online Coaching Workshop. We meet once per week online, where we go over different subjects such as nutrition, macronutrients, calories, sleep, recovery, training and more… and all the subjects are spread over the block of 7 weeks.

You will also get the access to my Fit4Life fitness app, where you have the access to your own profile, training plans, nutrition. You can also track your progress here, sleep, body stats, calories and more.

This course is all about education and will equip you with the necessary skills to take your health and fitness journey in your own hands.

Food and eating are very important part of our life. It doesn’t only play a huge role when aiming for a fitness goals but also it is very important when it comes to your health, digestive and immunity system. I will teach you how to get back and maintain your healthy relationship with food.

Support from a nutrition coach may include tracking markers of progress such as, body weight, body composition, mood, energy, sleep, stress, and hunger to create a program or plan that helps clients to achieve their goals.

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