Testimonial / August 10, 2022




Hi my name is Matt Watson and I’m an international high jumper trying training for the Rio Olympics and I have been working with Marcin for my 2014/2015 campaigns
I have always thought my diet worked well for me until he showed me just how much I could gain from a nutritionist diet plan, personally written by himself. Marcin conducted a needs analysis for my lifestyle and training schedule and then wrote the diet plan from there. We worked together to try and map out why I was suffering so much in preseason training with fatigue and muscle soreness and came up with a way that would hopefully benefit me. Since September I have been following the plan and my results have been phenomenal. I have been able to train more, recover faster and even train at a higher intensity. My coaches and I are already seeing the benefits as I’ve already produced personal best scores that I wouldn’t usually achieve until December. And best of all I have felt great and a lot more alive in every day life, which inevitably has made me a lot happier. I would recommend Marcin’s knowledge around nutritional support to anyone that really wants to see results and positivity that works in perfect sync with their training.

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