Testimonial / August 10, 2022




I always tried to lose weight at home, which I gained by sitting in front of the TV all days for years, checking Youtube for some workout activities and trying diets to lose weight. It was making me feel uncomfortable around people and I felt ashamed of myself
I didn’t know what to do as all my attempts were ending with no results, until one day when I found out about the gym in my college. I went to ask about a possibility of working out there and what I found out was that not only I could train there but also I could get advices from Marcin about how to work out and to reach my goal. I started following his suggestions, following the workout plans, and within a couple of weeks I already started seeing the effects. I carried on listening to what Marcin was suggesting me and by a year, not only did I learned about how muscles work and how to exercise, but also I lost about 10kg. I achieved much better shape and decided on a few new goals such as getting a full six pack. The most important thing though was that I felt comfortable with myself. I am sure I wouldn’t have been able to achieve all that has happened without his help.

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