Testimonial / August 10, 2022




I have been training with Marcin for the past few months after finding I was not getting the results I wanted from the exercises I was doing on my own before.
This was solely down to my lack of knowledge in the best training methods and nutrition to get me where I wanted to be, and that’s where Marcin comes in.
His vast amount of knowledge and experience has been amazing. Not only does he care to make sure I work hard in my sessions with him, but he also provides me with workouts plans to keep my training consistent on the days I train on my own, as well as teaching me about nutrition and how it contributes towards my fitness regime.
When designing my training schedule, he makes sure there is always a variety of exercises so that as I progress, the sessions are always challenging and he listens to what I enjoy or struggle with, making my plan unique and suited to me!
I have found the past few months training with Marcin to be extremely enjoyable. I’ve never found myself to be dreading a session with him, instead I feel motivated and ready to go! Marcin’s guidance has ensured that I shall keep considering my fitness and nutrition in the long-term so that I can lead a much more healthier lifestyle and continue to have a positive attitude towards exercise in the future.

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