Is an Ultra Low-Fat Diet Healthy?

Is an Ultra Low-Fat Diet Healthy?

Clean Diet Basics

If you’re following a healthy, balanced diet, restricting your fat intake is generally unnecessary.
However, under certain circumstances, limiting the fat in your diet may be beneficial.
For example, low-fat diets are recommended if you’re recovering from gallbladder surgery or have gallbladder or pancreas disease.
Low-fat diets may also prevent heartburn, cut weight and improve cholesterol.

Sample Diet Plan

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Morning Snack
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Afternoon Snack
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Recommended Foods

Healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes. While weight loss is not a magic bullet for health, and not everyone needs to pursue weight loss, it might be something you want to work toward to feel your healthiest.

Coupled with regular movement, your diet can affect your health outcomes. (Just make sure to talk with a healthcare professional before making drastic changes!)

If losing weight is your goal, these 18 foods may help support a healthy weight loss journey, according to science.

13 Low-Fat Foods That Are Good For Your Health

1. Leafy Greens
2. Fruits
3. Beans and Legumes
4. Sweet Potatoes
5. Tart Cherry Juice
6. Cruciferous Vegetables
7. Mushrooms
8. Garlic
9. Ancient Grains
10. White, Lean Fish
11. Chicken Breast
12. Low-Fat Dairy
13. Egg Whites