Waist to Hip Ratio

How to calculate it

-Stand up straight and breathe out. Use a tape measure to check the distance around the smallest part of your waist, just above your belly button. This is your waist circumference.
-Then measure the distance around the largest part of your hips– the widest part of your buttocks. This is your hip circumference.
-Calculate your WHR by dividing your waist circumferences by your hip circumference.

Waist to hip ratio (WHR) is one of several measurements you can use to see if excess weight is putting your health at risk.

Waist to Hip Ratio

Waist in or cm
Hip in or cm
Ratio WHR
Status Information

According to the World Health Organisation, a moderate WHR is:

-0.9 or less in men

-0.85 or less in women

In both men and women, a WHR or 1.0 or higher increases the risk of heart disease and other conditions that are linked to having overweight.

Waist to hip ratio chart

Health Risk Women Men
Low 0.8 or lower 0.95 or lower
Moderate 0.81 – 0.85 0.96 – 1.0
High 0.86 or higher 1.0 or higher


Different studies found that a high WHR was associated with hypertension and diabetes.

High WHR was a significant predictor of death in women with heart failure.

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