Calories Burned

Calculate the Calories Burned By Heart Rate

You can calculate more accurate how many calories you burn during any activities when you know your heart rate and the duration of the activity.

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Calories Burned
These calculations are based on averages.

When you use any of the machine (treadmill, rowing, elliptical, bike, climbing machine etc) they only tell the average / estimated calories burnt. It is because they don’t know your heart rate throughout the workout unless you provide the heart rate when working out.

Knowing your heart rate throughout the activity is very beneficial, because you can see how hard your activity was. Plus providing your weight, gender, duration of the exercise .. you can get the amount of calories you have burnt.


One of the method of doing cardio workout is to train according to your heart rate. If you don’t have any heart related conditions or high blood pressure you can try to train for a few minutes in higher heart rate zone and then slow down for a few minutes to the lower heart rate zone to recover. This is type of interval training and it is very beneficial if you want to introduce higher intensity zones to your body. It is also great way of making your heart stronger and make it work more efficient.

Before starting this type of training check with your doctor if you can. People with high blood pressure should avoid training in higher zones. If you suffer from  high BP make sure you fix it first (if it is possible) before going for this type of training.

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